Saturday, November 20, 2010

shafiqqqq!!! ur fault!!

i d0n like writing this "sleepy making me awake n sleep at 5 sort of stuff".. it's really kiling me.. i c0uld die of brain excess of use.. *mrepek je.. well.. i jst l0ve the night m0od.. it's like quite n c0olng.. n sleepy 2.. i better g0 2 bad.. it all started with shafiqqqq!! mke me write this bl0g.. well...when i strt.. it's kindda hard 2 end!!

jejak kasih reuni0n.. after 3 years of searching!!!

s0unds awkward.. yahh.. i kn0w.. well.. it strted 3 years ag0... well r0ughly..... i b0ught ths amazing thing.. it was a hit back then.. i b0ught HARRY P0TTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE.. s0 yahhh.. it WAS a hit.. n0w is lke.. wh0 cares???

its my b0ok.. tht i b0ught wth my own m0ney.. h0w great is tht.. well mummy seems 2 dislike me bying this imaginary s0rt of a thing..

s0 hre's the thng.. i didnt mnge 2 read it yet.. yahh i kn0ww.. WTH!!!.. it's been 3 years.. AGAIN R0UGHLY.. bt then my br0 was a big fan 2.. .. thn i decide.. 0k.. i'm gonna be ths little angel n0w.. g0shh!!! i'm stll thnking what was i d0ing??BEING G0OD 2 UR BR0??? g0shh.. i must had sw0llow sme excess pain killers!!! well.. bt i did.. i b0rrow it 2 my br0.. n it went missing.. n i've n0 idea whre he put it.. bt then.. aftr years.. we shfted 2 a new plce.. here in selang0r.. then.. just suddly.. the b0ok p0ps out.. it was lke.. welll.. ok.. frst of all i hve n0 idea how it was in frnt of me.. on the tble!!! i was lke.. hey that's my b0ok.. n i didnt read i yet.. aftr 3 years.. n0w u reading syiela??? i guess s0.. well.. guess ibettr strt flipping the pges.. btw.. this is the pic of my preci0us Rowling b0ok..


s0.. i updated my bl0g f0r shafiq n some of the viewers yng ade.. whch i don really think u read..
i'm n0t really int0 ths bl0g stuff.. it's lke b0ring n sleepy.. u kn0w.. well..
back 2 wat i'm sying.. i d0nno wat 2 say actually..
well.. i'm preparing f0r christmas n0w.. it's lke.. the m0st thing i l0ve.. like sri0usly..
btw.. i f0rgot rcntly rye aji.. i t0ok my bath n i heard azan.. n i kn0w.. it's rye haji... jhat x?? hehehhe..
well.. rye hji here in selang0r r lke i d0nno,,,
pe0ple just don clbrate it anym0re.. not as grand as rye yng bgy duit rye 2..
c0s bgy duit rye.. of c0zlh ingt kan..
s0.. let's talk ab0ut shafiq.. hermm.. he had a secrt crush.. which ak x bkak rhsia pnye shafiq..
d0n worry..
he is lke my fren since we were 9 i guess..
he's an old fren of mine.. so yahh... sme g0es with shazlin, tirahh.. n whats0ever.. they all r my old long peepss.. which i l0ve dearly..
shafiq???? hermmm.. he's an athlete.. a g0od one.. i stll rmmbr when we were lke f0rm 3.. our classr0om were facing the field.. n s0me of my frens n ak of c0zlh.. saw him brtnding untk 4*100 mtr..
do u rmmbr shafiq?? i bet u don..
pas2.. u were the last prsn 2 race tht time n rmmbr fadilat?? die c0mpte ngn mu..
n he w0n!!! we were lke.. 0MG!!!! we d0n blame u..
sbab spe ntah yng lane kedue jtuhkan bat0n(or whatevr it calls).. pas2 shafiq xleh catchup... klau x msti klah dh dilat lalt tuh.. 2 bad r shafiq..
wat else r.. owhh i stll rmmbr..techr hanani(2 kot nme die,lpe r... mak muzammil) she praise shfiq hve a g0od smile.. sjk dri 2.. shfiq snyum je.. pnat ak tngk..
n want thng ab0ut shfq yng oppsite gilee ngn syla is tht.. he scares of CATS.. plik tull..
well that's all.. lter plak.. k

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it's raya!!!!

so.. it's raye recntly... raya d0esnt mean anything f0r me... i d0nno.. it's kindda meaningless...
mybe bcause i d0nt hve en0ugh family membr 2 celbrate with me.. s0. it turns 2 be a disaster..
it d0esnt g0 lke it use 2 be.. well.. wat past is past.. whatever!!!!! PERHAPS ths year g0nna be the lst raye f0r me... i d0nno myself..
this is sme pics, i w0uld lve
2 share...

s0.. this is me during rye.. it was taken at one 0f my aunt's h0use.. really kampung!!!! i l0ve evrything ab0ut it except c0w's big p0o.. ewwww...

k.. this r s0me of my family members.. that's my grandma with the green tudung.. both of the man r my c0usins.. well.. i hve a big family.. i d0nt even know sme of my c0usins.. wth right..

well.. this is my second c0usin.. cute har??!! she's 5 years 0ld..

raye use 2 be everything 2 me.. well.. when i was smallr of c0z.. now.. christmas means everything.. it is not because of the celebrti0n.. it's because of the pe0ple who celebrates it with me.. well.. i h0pe christmas this year is better than last year.. c0z raye was t0tally meaningless f0r me..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


ok.. gr0wing up... it sucks.. seri0usly.. when i was a kid, i used 2 hate being small...i used t0 take my mum's 0versized heel n put it 0n.. b0rrowed her unwanted handbag... put on hair clips.. then.. m0delling ar0und the h0use... i used t0 dream t0 be an adult.. but n0w.. ALL I WANT IS T0 BE A KID!!!!! stupid isnt it.. well.. thinking back it's pretty funny.. childh0od was fun.. i was never h0me.. s0unds like a t0mboy?? nahh.. i juz l0ve g0ing out.. i'll f0llow my br0.. he has a wild imaginati0n.. g0d kn0ws... well.. he is the smartest in the family.. alm0st a genius... i NEVER tell him that th0ugh.. but yahh.. he is.. he's juz damn lazy.. well.. i have frens ar0und my neighbrh0d.. i was the 0ne n 0nly girl in the gr0up.. 0ne thing ab0ut our neighb0urh0od is dat... n0 girls like 2 play 0utside... i d0n even kn0w theres girls at my neighbrh0d.. ha3..s0.. my frens r b0ys.. my br0's frens actually... m0st 0f them r a year 0lder.. but we hve fun.. plying hide n seek.. running ar0und.. playing wh0's beblade is c0oler, wh0's fish is m0re c0lourful, wh0 hve c0oler stuff.... it's great.. well.. i st0p playing with the b0ys when i turn 12.. dah malulah.. ha3.. but as active as i am 0utside.. i l0ve ind0ors 2.. barbie??? 0f coz.. i'm still a girl.. luv barbie.. i l0ve 2 c0llect them.. ha3.. dressing them up.. even bathing them.. stupid right?? well.. childh0od is fun.. especially when i share it with my br0.. s0und like we cl0se??? nahh... we fight a l0t.. sis?? hemm.. i d0nt play with my sis much.. she's m0re like a sis then a playmate.. we play d0lls 2gathr... playing with my mum's makeup set... we play masak2.. typical 0f girls.. ha3.. there's s0 much thing t0 talk ab0ut childh0od.. it's always the greatest mem0ry... 0ne thing 4 sure.. being a kid is TOTALLY FUN...

d0 i l0ok like an engineer??

yah.. i'm g0ing 2 d0 a dipl0ma in engineering.. g0sh.. i d0nt want 2.. but.. it l0oks like, that's the 0nly option.. me bec0ming an engineer??? abis r... i'm sucks at drawing... i can't even build a m0del h0use right..p0tng karb0d pun kek0k2.. n the w0rst thing is.. i d0n even kn0w what is civil engineer.. h0w dumb am i??? tpy mummy says.. buatlah.. it's in demand n0w.. ayah says.. jangan tngk minat.. buat je.. civil engineer x ssah mne.. ha3... that's wat my parents said... dah nak gy mne?? f0rm 6??? i'm n0t g0nna wear schl unif0rm bck.. u kn0w.. this is wat happen. when u d0n hve an ambiti0n.. yah.. i hve interst.. but c0me on... interest je.. bkn nk wat keje... mampus r.. i'm s0 scared.. h0w if i d0 badly... 0MG!!!! help me!!!!